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Green Bay Walleye Fishing Guide

Green Bay Walleye Fishing GuideThe Bay Of Green Bay offers some of the finest walleye fishing in the country. The lower Bay Of Green Bay is relatively shallow with much of the bay not having more than thirty five feet of water. Depending on the time of season walleyes will relate to many different locations in the lower bay including the many rivers that flow in to the Bay Of Green Bay, also numerous shallow rocky reefs that are scattered through out the lower Bay, and the walleyes will also relate to weeds that grow in many different locations in the lower Bay Of Green Bay.

Early season just before the ice goes out on the Bay of Green Bay walleyes will begin to move into the rivers which flow into the Bay to prepare for the spring spawn. When fishing in the rivers you can use many different techniques which would include Vertical jigging in deeper water, casting jigs in shallower water with live bait or using soft plastics, along with also casting or trolling crank baits.

After the spawn and as the season begins to progress you can find many of the fish beginning to relate to the many reef areas in the lower Bay Of Green Bay along with using the many miles of shoreline areas. When fishing these areas you will be able to be successful casting crank baits, along with jigs and soft plastics for the walleyes. Trolling crank baits along with spinners and crawler harnesses will also be very affective especially hen the fish begin to suspend in the open water basin areas.

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